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Entry #4


2008-02-05 13:19:24 by D3ATH

Wow! I'm Gonna Break Ya has climbed to #1 on the Funk chart! Thank you so much to everyone who voted!! I'm hoping to begin production on a new song this week. If anyone even reads my posts and would like to suggest a genre for my next song, leave a comment or send me a message. Keep on keepin' on!


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2008-02-15 00:53:35

I told you that you have talent. I'm Gonna Break Ya has got to be one of the best funk songs on newgrounds. Maybe the new song could be a jazz song? It's really up to you. Hope it goes well

Good Luck!


2008-08-24 15:56:56

Either Rock or House fuck or whatever its called. Your songs are amazing...shame not many Newgrounders visit the Audio Portal. :(