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2008-02-05 13:19:24 by D3ATH

Wow! I'm Gonna Break Ya has climbed to #1 on the Funk chart! Thank you so much to everyone who voted!! I'm hoping to begin production on a new song this week. If anyone even reads my posts and would like to suggest a genre for my next song, leave a comment or send me a message. Keep on keepin' on!

Stupid math...

2008-02-03 10:37:54 by D3ATH

So I decided I hate my math professor...I have about 3-4 hours worth of homework still to do today. It goes against every principal in my book to do work on Superbowl Sunday, but...I guess it has to be done...

LETS GO GIANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Superbowl Predictions

2008-02-02 16:20:45 by D3ATH

Well, the tracks...didn't go so well. I walked in with $18 and walked out with a staggering $0!! But while we're on the topic of betting...

Superbowl Predictions

Giants 31, Pats 28.

Thoughts? Your predictions?

My First Post :D

2008-02-01 22:10:14 by D3ATH

I decided to start making use of my userpage, goes.

I've been overwhelmed by the response I've gotten from my first audio submission "I'm Gonna Break Ya". As a result, I decided to start work on a new song. However, due to financial difficulties (hopefully not for long...I'm headed to the tracks tomorrow to try and gamble away my debt :] ) and work from school, I'm gonna have to postpone production on the new song for about a month or so. But by all means, please do check out my other audio submission "Memories", tell your friends, and hopefully I'll see one of the two in a future flash :D

-- Scott